I took the federal Professional and Administrative Career Examination at MSU. I scored pretty high. Just after graduating in 1975, the Army’s Tank, Automotive Command made me a full-time job offer as a journeyman Program Analyst. Good math skills came in handy. I got pretty good at analyzing and programming for the procurement of tracked combat vehicles.

There was opportunity for relocating and I developed connections across the country. My networking paid off in November 1978 – the Navy in Port Hueneme, California offered me a job I couldn’t refuse.  


Chrysler built the main battle tank just outside our building. “Tanks have the right of way at all times”. 


Programming & Budgeting the Medium Recovery Vehicle.

Back in the 70s we were expected to wear ties. 

Hanging out in the cloakroom of the officers club.

Going away lunch. Never really used my new putter.