When I volunteered to be a “big” for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was an active person so I got matched with guys who wanted to “Go out and play”. We hung out a little each week. Stephan was my first little brother for several years. I volunteered at events, but they needed bigs, that’s when I got myself matched up with Jacob.

Both Stephan & Jacob were skateboarders. I got them turned on to snowboarding. We helped organize and participated in yearly camping trips and beach outings. We were pretty good at fundraising events – Jacob & I were guest speakers at a Golf Classic. Perks included admission to lots of sporting events. We’ve had the chance to all snowboard and hang out together. I learned a lot from these guys.

Lake Casitas Campout
McGrath State Beach Campout
Home made launch ramp
Grant Park
Lake Casitas Campout
El Capitan Campout

Lynn Swan – Golf Classic

On the radio – KKZZ

Two Superbowl rings

Jacob, Don & Stephan – June Mountain

Jake & Stephan - June Mountain

Stephan & Don

Box Seats – Dodger Baseball

Bowling For Kids’ Sake

Big Stephan 

Little Stephan

Snowboarding Big Bear

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