Sharon Curtis

Sharon and I were introduced on a ski club bike ride. We’re both swimmers who like to bike and visit the Sierras. After a couple skiing-snowboarding and hiking vacations I found my dream come true. I realized it’s easy being with someone with the same interests and values. I made a good choice here.

Sharon received her Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Los Angeles and was working as a publication graphics designer for California Lutheran University when we met. She’s a grandmother, cat lover and birder. After retiring Sharon started experimenting with making jewelry. She’s a perfectionist and true artist. Check out: Sharon Curtis Designs.

Forest Chapel - Mammoth Lakes, CA
Dan, Sharon, Don & Chris
Twin Lakes Bridge

Maid of Honor – Chris

Sharon & Don

Best Man – Doug

Saipan 2017

Grandkids 2020

Chris & Sharon 1998

Buzz & Snickers

Mitzi & Mackinac

Homer Spit, Alaska

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