I skied once in high school as Vice President of the Ski Club. Took a class at MSU, skied with some friends and then headed to Aspen, CO spring break 1975. This is when I fell in love with skiing, but I really think it was a love of the mountains.

Took a snowboarding lesson at Mammoth in 1992 and started skiing and snowboarding. By 1994 I was snowboarding only and joined a couple local ski clubs. Sharon’s skiing matched my snowboarding ability. I realized that what I loved most about snowboarding was being up in the mountains. Doing it with Sharon for over two decades has made it my dream come true.

Spring break – Aspen, CO 1975

Mammoth Mountain – 2002

Don, Stephan & Sharon

Heavenly – Lake Tahoe

Joel & Don - Mammoth

Mammoth, CA

Keystone, CO

Mammoth, CA

Hangin’ with Woolly

Stephan & Don – Breckenridge – 2018

With some skiers

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