Math Tutoring

I’ve seen the difficulty some students have with math in the classroom. Distance learning hasn’t made things easier. I’ve always had good math skills and enjoy subbing all grade levels. I’m offering my assistance to students who are having trouble with math.

My Tutor Desk

Why Math?

Good math skills have simplified my life and created a lot of opportunities for me. The laws of mathematics govern everything around us. Most of what we need to figure out in life is made easier with a good understanding of math.

My asssistance

I’m available for in person and remote tutoring. My services are being offered and coordinated via schools and classrooms.

My goal

Sometimes you need a person to help explain things a different way. My goal is to help you see the light: understand what’s going on and become more proficient in the concept you’re seeking help with.

Don Curtis – October 2020

My Background

I’m a retired Information Technology Manager who’s been substituting for the Ventura Unified School District since 2008. My substitute page introduces you to my experience with the district. My blog provides more about who I am.