I started subbing for the Ventura Unified School District after retiring in 2008. Math is my favorite subject but I have lots to offer every classroom. I’ve had the opportunity to sub at all the elementary, middle and high schools in the district and for the last several years helped as a Test Administrator. In 2020 I was introduced to Zoom subbing. 

My classroom expectations:

Show respect & try your best. For the first couple grades it’s more like: Be nice, listen & try.

My classroom goals:

Follow the lesson plan, help and make it as enjoyable and safe as possible for the kids. I call it: “Get er done” and have some fun.

Mr. Curtis – First day of school 2019

Drawing by Chris Montoya
A 4th grade Thank You
Ventura County Star - 12/23/16

Why Sub?

The short answer for students: “I’m doing something good and it makes me happy”. The long answer: Time in the classroom enables me to give back to the community. There is nothing more rewarding than interacting with young people to keep you on your toes while learning from each other’s experiences. I can’t think of any more important public undertaking than education, and I feel I’m a small part of that.

Thank you, AJ
I love this classroom - I wanna be in 4th grade again
Cabrillo Middle School - A school with a view
AVID Classroom - Anacapa Middle School...GO GREEN
PE at the beach - Peirpont Elementary
7th Grade Beach Day - Cabrillo Middle School
Spring - Buena High School

Thank You

The best reward from subbing: Being appreciated by students, teachers and administrators. I never get tired hearing: “Thank you, Mr. Curtis”. It feels wonderful to be remembered and valued by former students both on and off campus. My advice to students: Thank your teacher.

Mr. Curtis - You're muted!

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